Bankruptcy Identification Batch Service

Boletín de Puerto Rico's Bankruptcy Identification Batch Service will provide your entity with an FTP account with the purpose of processing CSV files in against the Boletín de Puerto Rico database in order to match personal and commercial Bankruptcies.

This service is suitable for entities or individuals who need to verify multiple records at a time.  The system has no restrictions in the number of records that can be processed in one single file, but we suggest to include no more than 5K records in a single CSV file.

The access to the FTP is protected by Username and Password.

The / root folder of the FTP will contain two folders:

incoming – to deposit the bkcheck.txt CSV file to be processed

outgoing – to recover the output files: matched.txt and unmatched.txt

The output files will be formatted pipe “|” delimited since Boletín database contains commas “,” in the debtor's addresses.

The Input File must be named “bkcheck.txt” and will be formatted as follow:

#########, Last Name Second Last Name Name Initial, , , ControlID,


6754, Medina Lopez Pedro, , , 000001,

7654, Ramos Velez Rosa G., , , 000002,


Social Security Numbers cannot contain “-” separators.

Full Name cannot contain “,” comas

ControlID can be any Alphanumeric Number used to relate that Customer with your company

The Bankruptcy Identification Batch Service runs on demand while authenticated into the Boletin's website.  The batch process will start after issuing a command using a given URL:

This process will display the following information when it finishes. 

Start Time
# of records in the input file.
# of exact SSN matches.
# of name matches.
# of unmatched bkcheck records.

End Time

This information will display back in your browser, but if you close the window the process will continue to run on the background.

Two output files will be created and stored in the FTP /outgoing folder:

matched.txt and unmatched.txt

The matched.txt layout:

BankruptcyNumber | Status | Disposition | Year | President | Attorney | City | State | Zip | Date | Chapter. | TotalSecuredCreditors | TotalUnsecuredCreditors | TotalPriorityCreditors | TotalNonSpecified | TotalSecuredCreditors + TotalUnsecuredCreditors +  TotalPriorityCreditors + TotalNonSpecified | Y | Commercial | JudgeName | SS | Debtor | ControlID

The unmatched.txt layout:

SS | Name | ControlID

You can download output files manually or set any automatic retrieval function from the FTP Client of your preference.

You can use any commercial FTP client available on the Internet.



Bankruptcy Identification Service (Web Services mode)

The Bankruptcy Identification Web Service uses XML (Extensible Markup Language) to query single records against the Boletín de Puerto Rico database in order to match personal and commercial Bankruptcies.

This method is used by entities who need to verify records instantly from any application having access to the Internet.  The system has no restrictions on the number of records that can be processed using this methodology.

This service requires customization and/or programming in the Client's platform in order to:

1. Send the XML string to our servers with proper authentication and the required information of the record to be verified

2. Receive Boletin's response and display the information back into the Client's application




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